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I have been a martial arts enthusiast for 10 years doing Taekwondo, and now I have been doing grappling and MMA for about 15 years.

During training there is a sparring session. This is an important exercise, but at the same time it is a session where the potential for injury is high.

In fact, I have had many injuries, most of them during sparring.

Various protective gear already exists to prevent injuries, but there is still room for improvement. Therefore, I launched SPARS to realize products and ideas to finish sparring without injury.

Yasuhiro Miki | SPARS FOUNDER


Finish Sparring Safely.
We took the letters of this phrase and named it SPARS.

The brand colors are black and white.

The icon of SPARS is the southern tamandua, also called the lesser anteater or the collar anteater. The pattern looks cute, like they are wearing wrestling clothes. In fact, when they fight, they look like they are wrestling or grappling.

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What kind of experience does SPARS bring to fighters?

We offer products and services that allow you to finish sparring session without injury.
Do not injure myself.
Do not injure my opponent unnecessarily.

We design the core

SPARS was launched by i-tirbe, a design firm based in Osaka, Japan. We always take the user's point of view, which is a designer's specialty, to find issues and give shape to solutions.

User Experience

Products and services that we give shape to are always verified many times in the field. We also meet the rigorous demands of professional fighters. This is how we deliver our products and services.

Even after the release of our products and services, we will continue to receive feedback from users and work together with them to improve them.

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There is an option to "Add Tip " on the payment page at checkout. These amounts are passed on to our brand ambassadors. We are always encouraged by their appearance. We hope you will take action to support them.




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  • SPARS is operated by i-tribe, a design firm located in Japan.